It was around 1 pm and Akshaya was still in the park when she got a call from home. It was her mom who called to know her whereabouts. She told her mom about everything that happened that day and she mentioned about meeting Rahul. She portrayed that she was happy and asked her mom not to worry. She ended the call and stood up, wiping off her tears, she headed towards her room.

Akshaya has completed her bachelor degree from prestigious institution in India and it was her dream to pursue MBA, so she has prepared hard for GMAT and cracked it. She got admission in California state university and Los Angeles has always been her dream city. She was given accommodation as paying guest and she loved the atmosphere around her. She was in a single room as she thought she needed her space.

Akshaya crashed into the bed and dozed off. It was past 4 and the party was at 6. It was time for her to get ready. By gaining all the strength she got up and was about to pick a casual dress from her wardrobe when she got a call from her friend who gave her a minor heart stroke by telling her that there is a dress code for the party. They all had to wear red. She searched through her wardrobe only to find that she only has one dress in red that too a one piece. Now the real question is what to do? She can't back off at this time and if she has to go then she has to wear that in which she is least interested. Having no choice, she took it, leaving the consequences to fate. 

Akshaya never took long to get ready, by 5.30 she was all set. She looked stunning with her wavy hair and pencil heels that went with dress she wore and the kajal and mascara were like icing on the cake enhanced her looks. She looked like an angel. At sharp 6 she heard a knock at her door, she knew that it would be Rahul because he is always punctual. Now she has no strength to face him only when she heard a second knock. She then with trembling hands opened the door, and couldn't look straight into his eyes, so she lowered them. She dint know what that feeling was, was it shy? Or embarrassment? She couldn't judge. Then it was Rahul's turn to break the silence. 

"Oh my God! Akshu you look gorgeous." he said without a pause, "Thank you" that came out deliberately from her, saying which she looked into his eyes. He wore tuxedos and look like an absolute Gentlemen with his grey eyes he looked like a real Greek god. She dint have words to describe him, his one look is enough for her to drool off and today it is something different. He looked at her like never before, more of affection, more of love, more of care. They stood like that at the entrance lost in a world of unknown feelings and trying to find solutions for many unknown questions. "Ok Akshu! Enough now. Don't build castles in air, you know this will never happen" her inner voice spoke. 

He finally broke the silence saying "Shall we?" by extending his hand. She gave her hand with a little hesitation but it was too late, he already grabbed it and his very touch sent shiver down her spine and she trembled a little but she dint want to show it, so she kept quiet. Rahul had a lavish Audi A7 which was Akshaya's favorite in entire Audi series. He opened door for her and let her in and closed it behind her and went to his and stepped on accelerator to let the city sink behind their back. 

Fresher's party is a tradition in their university which is organised by senior's welcoming the freshmen. But Akshaya has no interest in partying and all but for the sake of Rahul she had to say yes. Finally they reached their destination and Rahul again opened door for her, once she got down he went to park his car. He only left her for two minutes which was like two hours for her. Coming back they both went in holding their hands. 

The very sight of party room made Akshaya dizzy. The music played more than the decibel range her ear can bear and the alcohol was flowing like river and people were dancing like "there is no tomorrow". She stayed exactly for five minutes while Rahul introduced her to his friends then she excused herself because she needed some air. She couldn't stay in anymore. So she made her way to exit. Within a minute she was out of that hell. When she got back to normal, she gazed her surroundings and found a book store, without any second thoughts she entered the store. 

Here inside, Rahul was waiting for her. It was almost half an hour since she left and he sensed something wrong. He tried calling her but she dint pick up as her mobile was on silent mode, she dint even know that Rahul was calling her. She was so lost in a book that she dint realize that she dint tell him where she was going and she forgot that he would search for her. Rahul started searching for her and kept on calling her. He called her around 30 times, she dint pick up. Now he dint know what to do, where to search, without his knowledge tears drooped down his eyes, he was absolutely helpless.

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