Gowtham and Sirisha, two childhood friends. Do they Love each other, they didn't care for that question till this day. When asked, gowtham admits he loves her and Sirisha... just skips away. And then this day comes, when they finally understand. What happened that day ? What made them realise ? Was that the magic of love ?

what happened OVER A COFFEE ???

The climax make the whole film awesome again because smiles come over on the face again..!! Music surely will gain many hearts..!!
#reshmareddy for sure you will reach great heights ..!!! 
#jaiwant made his perfect emotions with a classy look.
#DennisJohnZacharias you rocked the music.

Watch till the end and you will surely love it ..!!

Genre - Romance/Drama
Run time - 11 min 03 secs
story | screenplay | direction | editing - K Murali Krishna ( KRISH )
Produced by - Lakshmi Pallavi | Ram Kowshik Maddula
director of photography - Narasimha Varma
music - Dennis John Zacharias
Direction Department - Abhishek Munna | Charan Godavarthi | Sulaiman Khan Pathan
Cast - Jaiwanth Pasupuleti | Reshma Reddy | Rishi Kowshik Duggi | Chakra Teja | Abhishek Munna | Deepthi Kamani | Puneetha Ghanta

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