Akshaya almost ran away from him and when she realized that she has come far enough from him, she took a deep breath and just recalled the moment and started to cry. she cried and cried and cried enough that she couldn't anymore. Then wiping of her tears she examined the surroundings around her and realized that its a park. Sitting in a peaceful corner she recalled her past. 


"Akshaya come.. it will be fun... I'll ask your mom, she would never say no to me" said Ayesha with an innocent expression.

Akshaya, Ayesha, Gayatri and Piyushi are best friends for lifetime. Months would become hours if they sit together. They have all matters to discuss starting from the dog in their street to international delegate conference in US, from food they got to crisis in Nigeria. They can talk about anything and everything. 

"Come'on Akshu, you know that we can never go without you" said Gaai. 
"People, I know that and you guys know too. But see, I'm in an unavoidable situation. Please ya, Understand. It is my sister’s wedding. I really can't miss it." 
"Hmm.. Please try dear, Please" said Piyu. 

All of them have planned for a trip to Goa in their vacation but Akshaya couldn't make it because of a sudden call of wedding of her cousin. 

"Bye guys I have to leave else I'll miss my flight. I will miss u people" Akshaya said by bidding a bye to her friends who came to drop her till airport.
 "Bye Akshu. Have a fabulous wedding time" said Ayesha. "Happy Journey. Tell us that u like someone at least this time when u come back " said piyushi.
 "Bye Akshu. Will terribly miss u honey" said gayatri. 

"Guys look at him he is drooling hot and extremely cute" said Piyu pointing out a guy.
 "Piyu, Come'on yaar. Stop doing this" saying this Akshaya made her way to the check-in counter.

After about two minutes piyushi calls up Akshaya" Akshu, the guy I told u about is right behind you. Look na please." 
"Piyu, will you stop now" 
"Please, once for my sake look at him"
 "Aree, I just asked u to look at him, why are you overacting?"
 "Ok fine. I'll see. Bye now.!" 

cutting the call she casually looked back and she saw a guy who is about six feet, Fair complexion, fit personality, well groomed hair, with grey eyeball, he exactly looked like a Greek god any girl could die for. She liked him in the very first sight but he was on a call so she made her way to departure after completing all the security checks. Her flight was well on time, she boarded and found her place and then realised that the guy she saw before was also in the same plane and they shared same destination. She was overwhelmed. but why? Akshaya questioned herself but dint get an answer. so she kept quiet. 

After a pleasant journey for about an hour their flight landed in vishakapatnam airport. she collected her luggage from conveyer belt and made her way to exit. She was wishing to steal a final glance of him but to her disappointment he was nowhere around. Her family had come to receive her at the arrivals. After all the greetings were done, they made their way to their house, where the marriage is being held.

Akshaya called her friends and told them the things happened in airport. They were more than happy that she at last said that she liked a guy. After speaking for an hour, Akshaya finally ends the call as she had to attend sangeeth ceremony.

 Akshaya is a simple girl who hated extravagant stuff, so she chose a simple attire among all that her mom have selected for her. She was ready within ten minutes and helped her sister to set things up. 
when her sister was done, they left to the hall where sangeeth was going on. 

She met the groom’s family and very much liked them and started teasing her sister. Her sister asked her to go and receive groom’s brother from entrance. She wasn't in a mood to go but was forced to.

 Akshaya stood at the entrance waiting for him to turn up, and then a question popped in her mind. How does he look like? but before she could react to anything, she saw a lavish Audi car making its way to the entrance, and a guy got down from the car in a reddish black sharwani. 
Akshaya gasped and to her surprise he was none other than the guy she saw in airport. He was introduced by his family to everyone while Akshaya was still in shock. He came to her, extended his hand and said "Hi, I'm Rahul."

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