Name           :  Madhav Jakkampudi 

University :  Vellore Institute Of            Technology
Role              :  Tutorials, Tech Updates


           Name         : K.Kalki

  University: Vellore Institute Of Technology
          Role             : Tech Updates,News.

Name:            Reshma Reddy

University:  Vellore Institute Of            Technology
Role:      Inspiration, Personalities.


         Name         : Ch. Sreekar

      University:Vellore Institute Of                           Technology

Name            :   V.Sahithi         
University :    Vellore Institute Of Technology

                                             Name            :   Swetha  
        University :    Vellore Institute Of Technology

Name :             P. Sri Durga Reddy
University :     Vellore Institute Of                                                      Technology

Name :             P. Poornima
University :     KLU University

Special Thanks To Everyone Who Supported Us From Back End:

M.Sai Nitish, P. Poornima, M. Sreekanth, P. Sri Durga Reddy, Mohan Sagar,Lakshmi Durga .......and many more ..!



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