It looks like a standard SD card, but SanDisk's new Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I memory card is noteworthy — by packing 512GB into its flat frame, it's the highest capacity SD card available to consumers. The company says the huge card is aimed at pro-level photographers and videographers who want to shoot in 4K definition.
The luxury of extra storage does not come cheap, however. SanDisk's priced the 512GB SD card at $799, which could end up being less from retailers and through online stores. To put that in perspective, SanDisk currently charges $338.99 for the much smaller 64GB SD card with the same features, something you can find for less than $100 from numerous online retailers.
Lexar released the first 256GB SD card onto the market in 2012, but SanDisk has made an effort recently to give its products the most storage space, launching two biggest-in-class memory cards this year. In February, the company released the world's largest microSD card, with 128GB of storage in its tiny 15mm by 11mm body. As it launched its latest 512GB model, SanDisk touted the fact it had increased SD storage 1,000-fold in just over a decade. Its first SD card, released in 2003, had a paltry 512MB of space.

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