This was found on facebook that has made many hearts to cry listening to a girl's situation. We hope this video should be fake. A tale of girl who has been raped in the very next room her father .

This was an open message for a Girl's Father:
"Dad..! you were my lovliest dad i ever had but not anymore.I have been listening to every word of you. When you asked me about marriage and said "Iam leaving the decision for you" . I felt very happy and but i couldn't accept him as my life partner. But you didn't listen me and married me to the same person. He was beating me even the marriage before you. How can you be so sttuborn when a guy who is not related to your daughter was beating infront of you. Are you the same dad who was crying when i came felt down.

Being a father no one would be like this inthe society behaving such rude to his own daughter. I just asked you only two days that i cant go into room he is staying as my health isn't good. But you sent me in to the room knowing that he was beating me and raping in the very next room.I can't live anymore."

Hoping that this video shouldn't be true and many girls we know are facing such issues . If any of us know such issues atleast let us help them.

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