1.Don't Buy What You Can't Afford For :
This is the main reason for many complications and stresses in life. When you cannot afford for something you need not go for it. Just stay what you are and be satisfied. Day in and day out we are tempted by advertisements for cheap or free credit, and we are enticed into buying things that we can’t afford. You can make your life a heck of a lot easier by saving money for the things that you want, rather than going for the ‘buy now pay later’ option.

2. De-clutter your home and make it a pleasant place to be

Keeping your home tidy and putting things back where they came from will make your life a lot easier. Applying a bit of organisation to home life and keeping things tidy will stop you from losing things and avoid you having to do things at the last minute.

3. Slim down your commitments

Check out your daily schedule and ask yourself what really needs to be done. Prioritise the tasks and don’t worry, if some of less important ones don’t get done. One thing that should always be on your list is getting some time for yourself and your loved ones, so if that’s not there, you need to ditch something else and make sure it is.

4. Set yourself reasonable goals

Life is a continuous work in progress, so don’t expect to get everything done today. Learn to accept that, if something can’t be done today, then it can’t be done, and don’t let other people push you into doing things. Make sure that you don’t promise the impossible, to yourself or other people, and life will be a lot easier.

5. Focus on results


Being busy won’t provide you with a fulfilling day, but getting things done well will do. Take a good look at the jobs you have to do and ask yourself, if they are really necessary and what you will achieve by doing them. If you always clean the car on Friday, whether it needs it or not, then why have you always cleaned the car on a Friday?

6. Stop worrying about the things you can’t change

Do something about the things that you can control and don’t fret about the ones you can’t. Sometimes bad things happen that you can do nothing about, so if you focus your thoughts on the things that you can change, you will be a lot happier.

7. Stop seeking perfection

Life is not perfect, we are not perfect and the things that we do don’t need to be perfect either. Think of it like you would of an examination. Is it better to pass an examination with a B grade or is it better to fail completely, because you spent too long on the first question, trying to make it perfect?

8. Go to bed on time and set the boundaries for work, rest and play

You’re a grown up, so you can to bed when you like, right? Wrong! Staying up half the night to finish one project will only make you tired to complete the projects you have on for tomorrow. You won’t be able to get those other projects done as effectively, so guess what? You’ll have to work late tomorrow too. Set the boundaries for work, rest and play, and keep life simple.

9. Don’t be afraid to quit
All the great motivational speakers will tell you that the winners don’t quit, but does that mean that all the winners are happy? If something in your life is causing you too much stress and making you unhappy, then what’s the point? Holding your hands up and saying: ‘I can’t do it’, can be a sign of strength, banging your head needlessly against a brick wall is the sign of weakness.

10. Do the things that you love
If you are doing something that you enjoy, then that thing is easy. Try applying that to everything that you do, including your job and other things that take up your time. Don’t do a job you hate, just because the money is good or someone expects you to do it, do the things that make you happy, then life will be easy.

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