#5 Stop Notifications

If you are constantly distracted by the notifications such as emails, social networking and texts,  you are never going to be productive at work. You will take a significant amount of time for checking the notifications that you receive on your mobile or computer. In order to enhance the productive hours, you have to employ methods by which you can minimize the distractions that stops you from staying focused.

You can install app like PushBullet on your portable device and the extension for your browser and you will get the pop-ups on your display by the browsers desktop notification system. By using PushBullet you can transfer data from desktop to mobile and vice versa that saves your time of using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or emails.

#4 Automate the backup Procedure

All your data is not at all safe, if you are not backing up it properly. You need to have a multiple backup storage for your vital data. Data backing up can be done in two ways online and offline backups. Online backup needs a paid subscription for a backup service. Offline backups can be done with a flash drive or external hard drive. Using external drive you can have secured backups of all your data.

In order to automate the backup procedure, SyncBackFree and Corbonate software can be used. Synback is software that permits the users backing up and synchronizing the files to the same or different drives, to different media such as DVD, CD, Flash and Zip, or to a remote server. Corbonate is another backup service that takes the backups of documents, images, music, emails, and settings. Corbonate offers unlimited backup space for a fixed price rate of$59.99 per computer

#3 Automate routine tasks

You can rely on Trigger, the powerful app for Android, which uses certain events to carry out certain action. This enables you to simplify your life by automating your daily tasks. The main purpose of this app is to perform time tracking, task management and online invoicing.

Trigger helps you to open mail application automatically when you connect with your office Wi-Fi and automatically open Twitter or Facebook once you connect with home Wi-Fi.


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