#7 Break Reminder

We all work very hard all day sitting in front of the computer for a long time. But we never recognize how significant it is to step away from the system and take a break. Break enables us to work more efficiently and it enhances our physical as well as mental health. An easiest way to do it without installing anything is making use of an online timer at www.onlineclock.net. Click on the link and set timer to remind you about the break for every 20 minutes. Set the reminder and return to your work but ensure that computer speakers are at ‘on’ mode.

You can try apps like Countdown Timer for Blackberry and Android, and Simple Repeat Timer for iPhones.

#6 Speed Up Your Portable Devices and Computers

Most of your valuable time is consumed with a slow running phone or computer. You can add up those lost minutes to your productivity, if you own a faster running device.

Try Glary Utilities for Windows device to enhance speed and affix random crashes or freezes. For Mac device OnyX can be used, which will help fix errors in startup, clear caches and check files for problems. On an Android device you can try Clean Master, which will speed up programs by removing junk files, freeing RAM, and fixing system errors.

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