Productivity requires both intelligent planning and focused efforts. Staying productive at work may be challenging for all. Each time task ends, odds are that you are not satisfied with the results. Everyone tries to squeeze more out of the time that they spend on tasks, but still it may not be sufficient. Time management is the biggest enemy when it comes to the productivity. Here are some best tech hacks for a productive day as compiled by The Economic Times.

#8 Learn Speed Reading

If your work requires you to read a lot to catch up what is going on around you and be it reading newspapers or browse endless information from internet, or reading journals, reports, periodicals and mails, then imagine what speed reading can do for you.

Most of the people can read with an average speed of 200 to 250 words per minute. Imagine if you could double your speed to 500 words per minute. Then you can utilize the remaining time for performing other tasks too. While reading we may sub- vocalize or pronounce the words to ourselves, which actually slows down reading. By eliminating sub-vocalization you can overcome the slow reading habits.

You can try an Android app called Speed Reader or an extension called Speed on Google Chrome, or iOS app called Speed Reading.

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