#2 Find out Basic shortcuts

 Keyboard shortcuts can make the entire task much easier and quicker. For instance, rather than navigating through toolbar to copy and paste the 

content to MS Word, try a combination of keys that complete the task wonline; make use of the relevant shortcuts for your operating system.

#1 Reduce Distractions

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you work, you come across lots of distractions at your work. All these distractions play a huge role in minimizing your productivity. While you read on some WebPages, distractions like fluorescent colors, bright banners and pop-ups may make you annoyed. Rather than browsing copious amount of time consuming resources, you can rely on web browser extensions. They can help you out to eliminate the entire distractions on the webpage and make the text readable.

You can use Easy Read for Firefox and Read Mode for Google Chrome. The StayFocusd web extension for Google Chrome is really helpful when you decide to limit the time you spend on a particular webpage or even the entire Internet. You can block the whole sites, paths or even block certain content and videos using these web extensions.ithin seconds. If you work on computer without having an idea of short keys, you are wasting the most significant part of your time. For a fast learning of the basic short cuts, you can make charts and pin it up in front of you. You have lots of printable shortcut chart available 


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