There was a time when the phone served as a device only for the communication between people. Today Smartphones are juggling a lot of tasks be it taking snapshots or browsing internet or watching videos or being a GPS device. It is this ability which is attracting hordes of users towards Smartphones. When one device itself can perform multitask what is the use of having an individual item? Due to the advent of Smartphones old habits are eliminated from the world. Below listed are the 10 popular things that got axed by Smartphones, as compiled by UncoverDiscover.

#1 Cameras

Who else is using Digital Cameras other than professional photographers? The enhanced quality of Smartphone cameras and their editing software have gravely made a negative impact on the individual Cameras. People are giving up buying digital cameras owing to the high- end quality and 
functionality of the Smartphone Camera. The Smartphone also enables the uploading of images to the social medias like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Instagram, all it requires just one click the images will get shared among the people.

#2 MP3 Players

MP3 Players are quickly becoming old fashioned device, as Smartphones are coming with Music listening apps. Before the advent of Smartphones, music was also available on phones but they were not used to store thousands of song, as we do today with the Smartphones.MP3 players or Portable Media Players that play music and videos have been seized by the Smartphones that perform the same function and enables calls and Internet access.

#3 Calculator

Today we hardly use a calculator that we used once for arithmetic purpose. Nowadays every phone boasts a basic calculator so what is the point of buying a new calculator? Fancy scientific calculators are also available for downloading on Smartphones.

#4Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are becoming a thing of the past. As all Smartphone is equipped with alarm clock, it is eliminating the need for a watch or clock. Fancy 
alarm clocks are also an added advantage to the Smartphone, which plays soothing music to wake you up. Apps are also obtainable that ring the alarm at low level and then increase slowly, so you will not get up abruptly.

#5 GPS Navigation and Maps

Would you want to buy a GPS navigator, that cost 10,000 or prefer downloading the free app available for your Smartphone? Most of the Smartphones are now equipped with the navigator and Google Map is always there at your finger tips. GPS navigation has reduced tremendously and even the manufactures also have switched to apps. Paper Maps again like GPS also became too obsolete now. As Smartphones include free map apps to get the directions, satellite images and search tools, paper map has been wiped out.

#6 Landline Phones

Picking up a land phone and calling someone has become absolutely an extinct art. Smartphones offer network calls, VOIP (voice over internet), video calls, and nowadays everyone is constantly connected through social networking sites and messaging services such as Facebook and Whatsapp. 
They also possess some more functions than the traditional calling or texting. If you want to know what your best friend is doing, the social networking sites can make it possible. If you can’t make a call, then you have the option of sending text. With the advent of Smartphone the traditional way of calling has been wiped out.

#7 Letter writing

If calling someone has become an extinct art, letter writing also has become outdated. If Smartphones offer so many other forms of communication, what is the point of writing a letter? Today no one can wait a bit for the letter to arrive when an email or text could be sent or received with a fraction of seconds.

#8 Desktop PC

In fact, the rise of Smartphone will eventually abolish the need for desktop computers. Anything that can be done with desktop PC can be done in the similar way with the Smartphones. While comparing to PC, Smartphones are handy, faster and more efficient.

#9 Dairy

Do you remember when was the last time you used a paper Diary? A few years back, when mobile phones were not much prevailed, people used to 
relay on paper dairy to scribble appointments, to do list and their special moments. Now the Smartphone has completely put an end to the use of it. As Smartphone diary can sync multiple devices, the appointments are shared quickly and moreover alarm reminders can also be set for reminding.

#10 Game Consoles

When Smartphone are coming up with powerful processors, screen size and memory storage for running the most demanding games, why we carry around a separate game console? App stores for Android and iOS devices can offer thousands of games, so Smartphone can also be used as a gaming juggernaut.

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