Iam lucky to tell you that I had the chance to visit the live concert of Shri. Krishnan Nair Shantakumari Chithra's who is an esteemed personality from South India and has been awarded with Padmashri as well as Padma Bhushan from the Government of India.

           The whole show was a delightful experience for me to see Chitramma singing in a great ambience making our evening the most pleasurable and happiest one. The smile she has all through out the concert has won the hearts of the audience. We have been clapping all through every song that she sang, that delightful experience it was.

             She is a humble and ground to earth smiling human we can ever see. She was very encouraging and lovely human one can ever encounter. There was a moment in the concert where the instrument players were on fire for around 30 minutes, audience were cheering up initially but slowed down after some time.But chithramma's smile,encouragement and clapping for them has not stopped even for a moment till they completed. She has won the hearts of every person there.

             We were sad that concert is about to end, but then the surprise from chithramma has begun, she started taking up requests of songs from audience .. that too telugu.. She has sung every possible song. There was a moment of silence at one particular song that even god Shiva wanted to listen her song may be.. the whole environment went silent, you cannot even listen sound of the wind. That is why she is also called as Saraswathi of Andhrapradesh, Nightingale of South India etc.. She is one such real gem India is lucky to have. The one who deserves to be a true Bharat Ratna.


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