On the very first day, I had the honey water as directed by the famous dietitian and nutritionist Manthena Satyanaraya Raju. It was not a easy sail but had completed it successfully for today. I had my first honey water in the morning and then normal water before going to office. But then the real challenge started. I had to stop going to the regular tea break, where I used to have some snacks while having Lemon Tea. 

Teddy Bear in Times Square Newyork

                     This was quite difficult to avoid the colleagues as I thought of not disclosing my program to them but had to maintain proper conversations with them. Then came the major problem... The Lunch Break... I dont know... I can feel the aroma every single lunch people were having around. I had maintained myself all through this period. It was a quite difficult task but sailed through. Had my lemon water and normal water as directed by Manthena. 

Finally, for today Iam feeling great about myself because Iam the one who will be the first one to open Swiggy Notifications every day and then order something irrelevant and actually more than necessary. On Day -1, I feel great about myself and feel accomplished.

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