Balwant Rai Mehta Committee- Panchayatiraj

In 1957, Government of India appointed a committee to examine community development program and national extension service of 1953 and to suggest measures for development.
Committee has submitted its report in 1957 itself and suggested Democratic Decentralisation which later on turned out to be Panchayatiraj sytem.

Some Recommendations:
1.      A three tier system has to be formed at village level with gram panchayat at village level, panchayat samiti(executive body) and Zila Parishad(Advisory Body- with collector as its chairman)
2.      Direct elections for gram panchayat and indirect elections for the other two bodies
3.      Planning and development activities should be entrusted to these bodies.
4.      There should be genuine transfer of power and responsibility to these bodies to enable them to discharge their duties effectively.
5.      A system should be put in place for further devolution of authority in the state.

Constitutional status was not suggested by the committee as done by Ashok Mehta Committee later on.

The recommendations of the committee were accepted by the National Development Council and it did not insist on single rigid pattern and left it to the states to evolve their own patterns based other local conditions following basic principles and broad fundamentals throughout the country.

States like Rajasthan in Nagpur district adopted their recommendations first in the country followed by Andhra Pradesh

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