Ashok Mehta Committee

It is a committee appointed especially to examine panchayatiraj institutions by Janata Dal Govt. in 1977 , who inturn submitted their report in 1978 with 132 recommendations.
Some recommendations are:
1.      Three tier system to be substituted by two tier system and Zilla Parishad should be made as an executive body with all planning and developmental activities vested in them.
2.      There should be active participation of all local parties and panchayatiraj institutions should have compulsory powers of taxation to mobilise their own financial resources.
3.      Regular social audit
4.      Nyaya Panchayats as separate bodies chaired by Qualified Judge
5.      State govt. should not supersede them, if any case of imperative supersession, elections to be held within six months from the date of supersession.
6.      Minister of panchayatiraj to be appointed
7.      Chief electoral officer in consultation with CEC to conduct the elections.
8.      SC,ST reservation of seats base on their population
9.      Voluntary agencies to mobilise support for panchayatiraj institutions.
10.  Constitutional recognition should be accorded.

Committee’s recommendations were not acted upon as the government has collaped. However, 3 states AP,Karnataka and West Bengal took steps to revitalise panchayatiraj institutions.
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