As the old saying says "Books are your best friend" is true for Akshaya. Once she starts reading something, she forgets the entire world around her. She did not remember that she came with rahul, she didn't remember about freshers party or anything because she was so lost in the book.

Rahul on the other hand is tensed and afraid because he could not find her and random thoughts kept striking his. What if something would have happened to her? Is she safe? Is she in pain? Where is she? so many questions but no one to answer them. He kept searching for her, he kept on asking people around. He went to an old lady down the street, he showed her Akshaya's photo and she directed him to the book store. He thanked her and with a castle of hope he ran towards the store and as soon as he opened the door he saw her, he saw her calm face, her sparkling eyes, her beautiful smile and tears rolled out from his eyes, without a second thought he rushed towards her.

She saw him coming towards her and before she could react he hugged her and started crying. He cried like a small baby lost in the crowd and finds his mother finally. She did not understand what happened? why is he crying? why did he hug her? she felt that those questions were unnecessary. she consoled him and assured him that everything will be ok without even knowing the reason behind. Finally he calmed down and pulled back himself and started yelling at her. She pulled him out of the store and asked him what happened.
"Check your mobile, can you see the number of timed I called you? Can you see the texts and whatsapp?" he asked with a trail of tears rolling down his cheeks.
"I'm so sorry, My phone was in silent mode. Dint notice the calls" she said with an innocent expression.
He held her face with his hands "Do not ever ever do that again to me. I cannot even imagine a moment with out you. I would die if I lose you" saying that he hugged her again. This time also she neither knew what he meant nor she asked, but the feelings or the bond between them is strengthening day by day and she cannot see the path it is leading to, but all she thought as of now is "Somethings are better left unsaid".

They drove back and Rahul dropped her back and they bid bye to each other. Akshaya went back to her room and took her dairy from the draw and she added that day's date to her top 10 list of the best evenings.

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