A dedication to all the women and families in support of Equality, Women Empowerment and Respect for All. 

Neeti Mohan in her words :

Had written this song" Udne De " during Nirbhaya incident (2012) . Since then, I kept fighting with myself but could never release it because it just felt too personal . It felt like as if I was crying out loud and nobody could hear me and I still feel the same each time I hear/read about any girl being raped or ill-treated . It's serious and will always be. I am at war with the Evil within me and of the society . Each time a heinous activity occurs, So many Dreams get shattered , Faith gets shaken and Self esteem gets burnt alive.It can be anyone of us anywhere anytime .I feel helpless . I shiver, I cry , I am constantly angry!

I sincerely Hope and pray for a Change in the mindset of the people.

Singer : Neeti Mohan
Composed by : Neeti Mohan
Lyrics : Neeti Mohan , Brij Mohan Sharma and Manoj Yadav

Music Produced by : Nakash Aziz

Recorded at PDMS
Aditya Modi
Hari krishnan
Muralidhar Praveen

Backing vocals : Shannon Donald

Chennai string section

Director of Photography and Creatives : Mukti Mohan
Shakti Mohan Kriti Mohan

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