She couldn't bear the feeling of seeing him again, couldn't stop getting attracted to him, couldn't stop thinking about him. She didnot know what that feeling was and didnot know the reason behind her heart jumping. There were many questions which went unanswered. By pushing them all away, Akshaya plugged in her headphones and by playing her personal playlist she walked towards cafeteria.

Akshaya ordered her favorite cappuccino from Starbucks and as person with a very touch of nature she took her coffee and sat at an extreme corner of the cafeteria and was deeply involved in her world, but was drawn back suddenly by a voice.

"Hi Akshaya! Are you expecting someone?" and without her knowledge she replied back.
"Hello Rahul. No!"
"Oh! Can I?"
"Yeah, sure."and by saying this she regretted her decision. 

"What a pleasure Akshaya! I neither know nor expected that we would get admission in same college" he said with a cutest smile on his face.
"What a fate Rahul!" she said drooling there seeing him with that smile.
"No....no. I mean, I'm really lucky to have a person like you whom I know this well with me" he said with a spark in his eyes.
"You know nothing Rahul!"She told to herself but in return she just smiled and kept quiet.

"So Akshaya, any plans for freshers party?"
"Well, No Rahul"
"Oh!" his voice dropped. "But, I'm interested and can't really go alone so why don't you join me?"
"No Rahul"
"Rahul... you know that I'm not really into this partying and all. You also know that how difficult it is for me to attend them and you very well know about my family too. So, sorry!"
"Ohk. I know but come'on, it will be fun and I promise you that you will surely enjoy. Just in case at any point of time if at all you feel uncomfortable then we will come back. I promise." he said with the most pleasing voice.
"OK." she said as she couldn't resist his sweetness anymore."But,"
"No.. now that you said 'yes' there is no place for but's...I'll come and pick you up at 6, be ready"
"Fine." she said and could feel butterflies inside her already.
"I'll leave first Rahul, I have a little work in departmental store."
"OK then, see you at 6. I'll be waiting"
"Bye Rahul" saying this she took her belongings and got up.
"Bye Akshaya" saying that he got up and hugged her.
she was awestruck by his very tender touch. Her mind said "Idiot, push him away" but her heart said "All you want at this point of time is comfort, love, trust and care and only he can give you all that. So go on".She followed her heart, by pushing her thoughts away for a second she took all that comfort she could get in his embrace. Akshaya knows that his arms are the safest place for her in this entire world and she also knows that his heart behind his Lenin fiber and hard chest muscles has her name written on it but he is not in a position to accept that.

Akshaya also knew that few more minutes with him can break her down, so she drew herself back from him and without a second thought she walked away with tears filled eyes.

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