Uniting all the students across India , a better alternative for facebook providing a platform for universities to share their personal ideas , startups and encouraging enterprenuers . Based in FortWorth , Texas with an office in Bangalore providing a best way to connect with Social Networks.With rapid growth of enterprenueral career ideas, there comes a great platform where one can share their views about their decisions, thoughts or confess something to their peers.

Bevy was developed and designed by 817group . With Universities like Anna University , Amity University , Vellore Institute Of Technology , University of Culcutta, Mumbai ,Delhi, SRM University etc.. and many more upcoming .

Thier hope and goal of making this platform is to reach every student to help him out in engaging in social activities, attain knowledge of emerging technologies etc.... 

Process Of Signing Up:

  • One has to sign up with their university mail id though it has been changed a few days ago .  (Post by Bevy.is.)
  • After signing up , the verification link is to be validated and verified.
Upcoming Features:

                  " We are building a robust jobs feature which allows users to search for jobs,filter jobs based a range of attributes and will allow users to post jobs as well. We will also be able to show you how you may be connected to a job , based on who you are 'connected' on the network" says Luke .

There may be a change of "My Program" to groups page which will allow users to create their own groups and share their ideas and opinions . It also has chance of administarting of keeping it open,closed or secret resembling facebook groups with cover images , notifications etc..

A new on boarding centralized login/registration to come soon and hit the social networking pleasing the users of bevy.

With more than 10,000+ registered users Bevy.is has been moving up in the field of social networking with a good pace.
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