How many of us did vote for Mr. Modi , 15th prime minister of India?? Well, speaking frankly most of us didn't know why we are voting for a candidate and just because we heard good about them. 

Mr. Modi came up into action and ruling hearts of people just with the development of Gujarat.If you did voted for Modi, see if you can answer these questions.

  • Do you know the head of BJP in your state, the party that made Narendra Modi as Prime Minister?

  •  Can you tell us the first point of Modi's Manifesto?

  •  How many times he was elected by people of Gujarat as Chief Minister of the state?

  •  How Many Years Did He Work For Congress?

  • How many times did you care about the government after the elections ? 

The TVF guys went for a survey in great cities of India - Mumbai and Delhi asking people about the government and see the answers of them here. 


Well even after watching this , atleast now make a move to know our prime minister Shri. Narendra Daamodardas Modi.

This is why Modi did not give interview to NDTV or CNN -


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