Generally we use buckwheat flour to make rotis or pooris during navratri. this time i managed to get buckwheat groats from the organic section of a super store. i first had buckwheat groats in goa and was surprised to know these were available there too and that too from a local shop. May be as the place where we lived were frequented by russian and european tourists, hence due to demand these were available.
After taking an instant liking to the steamed buckwheat, i did make it a few times instead of rice and we liked its nutty flavor and taste. when we shifted, i could not get buckwheat in the local shops and so when i spotted these groats in the super store here, i had to buy them.
buckwheat is grown locally in india and is a super food. buckwheat is not a cereal grain but a fruit seed. they are gluten free as well. thus making them an excellent substitute for people having gluten allergy. they are rich in fibre and high in protein. 
buckwheat, kuttu
buckwheat is also called as kuttu in hindi, kutto in gujarati and papparai in tamil. these triangular shaped buckwheat groats have a light brown greenish color and have their outer husk removed. they are soft seeds and when you soak them in water, they become gelatinous. if you want a mushy texture, then you just need to cook the buckwheat in water, they way we cook rice. if you want a separate rice like texture, then roast or saute the buckwheat and then cook them in rice.
the idea of making this khichdi is from tarla dalal which is made similar to sabudana khichdi. i have made my own changes to the method of preparation and the ingredients used. for 1 cup of buckwheat i used 2 cups of water and the result was a soft and well cooked buckwheat groats. buckwheat is warming and so is best had in cold seasons. the warmth from the buckwheat can also be balanced by serving it with a cooling yogurt raita.
i often cook buckwheat just like rice or make this khichdi. during this navratri, i have already made the khichdi thrice. i have not yet tried making any other recipe with buckwheat. now that i get them easily, i will try making some more interesting recipes with them. i served the buckwheat khichdi with a bowl of yogurt.
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