Transgenders generally known as Hijras In India. In South India Hijras live in well defined and a better community though some people do spoil their culture by indulging in unsocial activities. It is believed that these people's blessings are very powerful. What if these people serve for society ? Something like this does happen , When will we realize that we are in unethical society where we treat them as untouchables but they do care for our safety. Watch this video , you will understand how they care for us..

Ryan Mendonca, a creative from Mumbai, has uploaded a video on YouTube titled ‘The Seatbelt Crew’. This video is an effort to increase awareness on the importance of seat belts while driving.

The video has been shot at a traffic signal in Mumbai, where a group of transgenders are explaining the importance of wearing seatbelts, and how to wear a seatbelt to the public.

We wanted to remind reckless motorists about a very basic safety procedure they'd forgotten.

In rather unforgettable fashion.

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