Iam not safe? What do you mean by this ? Will you walk out in the midnight and return safely if you are provided security with a boy along with you ?

Gender bias starts from your birth and continues through a women mostly than to a man. The kid is told stories about a king everytime making men aggressive everytime . Every movie has the theme that a boy runs after a girl and never the vice versa because women are looked passive and it is being injected into the blood of people.

An unborn girl child is aborted before her birth with the help of sex determination techniques. It came to a situation that people lost faith and belief in the system. In most rape cases that occur in urban areas women know their attacker
1.They hangout for friendly discussion first
2. He offers a drink for her and dances ......
3.She is later attacked sometimes brutally..

Men need a girl who makes fun with him and hangouts but when he comes for his marriage , he expects a girl to be a shy one without any friends .. what does this mean ? Your friend is good for them but doesn't expect a happy life for them.
We are in a world where Mother Teresa existed, Commanding Kiran Bedi ruled,Indranooyi leading, Sonia Gandhi,Jaya lalitha, Mamatha Benarjee, Susham Swaraj... existed.

"You can tell the condition of a Nation by looking at the status of its Women."

Are woman suppressing women ? Yes, Sometimes this is preferrable answer because with three commanding women Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj and Meera Kumar we were unable to pass Women Reservation Bill yet . Women these days dont need a security when they go out but they just expect some morals among us.

While in the educated , urban middle class women's rights continue to improve, there remains a strong bias against gender equality in societal parts of our country,where patriarchial traditions prevail.Consequently, in this strata any inheritance of a deceased husband or father would be passed down to the oldest son, while his wife or daughters would not receive any financial benefit.There are laws in place to ensure legal protection to women right's to inheritance but enforcement of law is challenging, when the women is refused her right by the family.

A girl who has been working for her family without thinking about her future without marriage has her own story " 'I want my family to a great position, till then i don't want to marry "said Meera. Objecting her, a friend of her stated " When you are in a age of pleasure, enjoy the life and it never returns fall in love and have someone who cares for you. See the colours of world before you die. We don't know when we die". Meera just walked away because she knows the effort her mother faced for her education and now she wants her brother in a well situation who is a drug addict. The day atlast came an earthquake suddenly attacked the town and incident that happened that day changed her views completely .Her father came to her stating that a baba is giving a thread and whoever posesses it doesnt die , then " Pappa, I don't have that much i cant afford such money for all , I have it for one so take it because I don't want to object your decisions"

"No beti, It is for your brother if he lives he would make our name prevail in this society, being a girl you cant do that so i can't care for you"

Is this what she expected from a family for which she hardworked day and night.Woman are now good and leading in case of education but still some traditions,superstitions are suppressing them.

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