Cerberus App – A Robust Anti-Theft App For Your Smartphone

Cerberus App
Cerberus App
Smartphone theft is still a major problem. In developing countries the state of the problem is much worse as these countries usually lack any sort of persistent data connections. So once your smartphone is gone, it’s hard to track it.

So despite being such connected devices and us living in the internet age, smartphones are just as prone to getting lost as any other device. If you have the Cerberus app though, chances are your smartphone (and the thieves) aren’t going anywhere.

3So the basic functions of the Cerberus app are just like any other mobile anti-theft app. There are several ways to take control of your device. First of all, there’s the Cerberus App dashboard that can be accessed via the internet. If your device is connected to the internet, you can quickly take control of it via this portal. After that important functions like memory wipes, locking the device or even erasing the whole phone can be performed. The second way of accessing your device is through text messages. This is obviously more robust, because there’s a higher chance of telecom connectivity. Even if the thieves change the SIM card of your device, you’ll be sent a text message to the numbers you set as safeguards in the app, so you can easily track the thieves by knowing their mobile number. 
Cerberus App
Cerberus App

Once you have control of your device via text messages, you can turn on the GPS of your device and even the WiFi. So yeah, the thieves aren’t getting anywhere. But there’s always the chance that the crooks will instantly factory reset your smartphone after stealing it. And this is where the Cerberus app comes into its own. If your phone is rooted, Cerberus will integrated itself as a system app, so even after a factory reset, this app will install itself. Meaning that there’s no running away from it, unless the thieves are intelligent enough to flash another ROM. That is the only way of getting rid of the Cerberus App.

You can also lock your phone remotely, ask it to take a picture with its camera which is then emailed to you, read any SMS messages on it, see recent call activity, and trigger an alarm to help locate the sofa you have lost it down the back of.
Compulsive eavesdroppers can record up to five minutes of audio and play the results back in a browser. If you phone has a front-facing camera, it can also be tasked to send you a snap if someone enters an incorrect unlock code. Say cheese, you thieving sod.

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Read your text messages remotely...
Cerebus icon
...and log recent - possibly unauthorised - calls

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If the phone has no data link - the Achilles’ heel of many location and security apps - instructions can be sent by SMS. The app also supports up to five devices at a time. Run it on a rooted handset and the creators reckon the only way to disable it is to flash a new Rom.
The Cerberus App is a very robust app that takes care of nearly every possibility after your phone’s been stolen. There’s a high chance that the crooks won’t be able to break its only vulnerability and will end up being tracked. All of this robustness does come at a small cost though. You get a week’s worth of free trial after installing it. If you like what you see, you’ll have to pay $2.99 for lifetime access to it. Which really isn’t that much of a cost when you consider how good of an anti-theft measure it is. What’s more, the same Cerberus account can be used on up to 5 devices, so Cerberus will have you covered for a long time before you’ll need another account. Download Cerberus for Android here.

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