“Till the Last Breath” by Durjoy Dutta revolves around the characters Dushyant, Pihu, Armaan, Zarah and Kajal . Dushyant Roy, the bad boy is well into drugs and alcohol but loves his girl-friend Kajal with all his heart, fights with death and the guilt of treating his ex-girlfriend wrong.
"Till the Last Breath" by Durjoy Dutta: Review by Aman Jakhar
“Till the Last Breath”: Cover Page
Pihu Malhotra, an intelligent medical student in one of the most reputed colleges, is an ever-smiling girl. But she is suffering from ALS, a slow- killer, which puts her on the hospital bed next to that of Dushyant.
Armaan and Zarah, two reputed doctors, fighting their own demons from the past, try everything to keep these two alive, risking even their medical licenses.
Kajal, hailing from a well known rich family, is Dushyant’s ex-girlfriend.
What happens next? Can the doctors save Dushaynt and Pihu? Will Dushyant get Kajal back? Or does destiny have something else for him in store? Will Pihu be able to live her dream of being a surgeon? How do the two doctors fight their own demons from the past?
Read the book and you shall have your answers!! This heartwarming story about love, life and friendship will take you on a memorable journey and will make you understand what it means to be alive.
Now, Review Time…
Durjoy Datta has matured as a storyteller. “Till the Last Breath” is far different from the mush and sex of his earlier books. His signature characters “Deb and Avantika” don’t find a place in this book – helping Durjoy make a clean break with the past. This book is a a fitting reply to the charge that he writes only juvenile, mushy, novels liberally laced with sex.
The cover page is nice.

The present story leaves one wondering whether it is a story from real life.
Durjoy Datta has proved himself to be an amazing storyteller once again.
The book can do with the services of good editor. The qualiy of paper is poor but better quality may not be possible given the low pricing of the book..
Summing up
“Till the Last Breath”is a gripping book which doesn’t allow you to put the book down until you have finished reading it: a compelling page-turner with a message at the end. I highly recommend this to everyone.

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