The Verge is reporting that Facebook has redesigned its news feed, yet again.
In all likeliness, your Facebook looks something like shown in the picture below right now.


And if that’s not how your Facebook looks, it must look something like the following – a redesign Facebook introduced last year, but provided the amount of significant change the redesign brought in, Facebook chucked it. Apparently, users hated the left-hand dark pane. And while it is still available to a small group of users including me, it is likely that Facebook will take away this anytime now.


The latest redesign is shown in the image below. The new redesign looks strikingly similar to how Facebook looks on its mobile apps, and that is, in a way, a very good thing for Facebook. The uniformity of the UI for a company of Facebook’s size is always a good thing.

The new design: the left side bar is cleaner, the whole interface gets a little dark tint background (quite a fad these days), and there is a lot more emphasis on visual stories on the feed. The photos will look simply gorgeous and stand out with the new design.
All users will now also see a big huge search bar, even the ones who don’t have Graph Search.
While there has been no official announcement on the redesign, Verge has confirmed the new design with Facebook.
Facebook is known to release new features gradually, so expect to wait for a while before you get this.
This article has been taken from youthconnectmag.com

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