Life Is What You Make It really does throw you off the track in the beginning and begins as a really predictable young adult romance. Yet what you never expect is the sudden turn of events and a plunge into the emotional turmoil of a 21 year old afflicted with Bipolar Disorder. The story is elegantly crafted; it is about facing life and emerging strong and proud. It is about having the guts to follow your dreams and believing your worth. The story however does border on mundane at times.

 Indian authors could really try coming up with better and stronger plots that explore the social psyche prevalent in the nation. A conservative family,parents obsessed with academic excellence,a bright young student fallen from grace- the ingredients are all there but somehow the build up lacks structure. And the plots of most Indian writers are really starting to look way too similar. There are better stories out there and a delicate and unique handling of the issues plaguing the Indian youth with stronger characters and sound plots could work wonders towards revolutionizing the current writing scenario and providing the readers with food for thought.

 "Never to belittle love, no matter where it came from and to be a little humbler, nicer and kinder with my words and actions" is a wonderful quote from the book. The importance of relationship has been highlighted in this novel. 

Author:Preeti Shenoy
Publisher:Srishti Publishers
Price: Rs 55/-

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