"Destination or Journey ? Which matters you the most ?" asked Meghana to her grand mother. Before we discuss which is more important.. what do you think? Is it the journey that matters or the final destination?

Life is a journey with a destination of death. No body wishes to reach the destination without the memories of their journey. We have all come to earth as a realtive to it and we are destined to leave it someday or other. On the way, we meet people with humility,kindness,cunning etc.. It is their personality but not their way of living. Adding memories to death is what makes any journey comfortable because that is when you die with people crying for you.

However, do you think if the destination is unknown, the journey is memorable ? NO!! 

Grandma said to Meghana " Iam a person who has lead my life crying for food to walking.. Walking to Running.. Studying for appreciation to studying for winning.. Winning the competition to Surviving it.. Getting Married to Getting Children.. Now again crying for food at the end of my life.. Life is a circle.. You are destined to leave someday.. Make the journey so memorable that destination feels appreciated"

Meghana unknowingly wiped her tears from her eyes and left for the monastery to start her journey to the destination of death after hearing the last words of grandma on the death bed.

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