It is never easy for yourself being insulted by all the loved ones. It doesn't mean we like being fat or being obese. We try a lot to lose weight but lose the motivation of the same within a span of time by seeing various junk foods. The most problem that people in office face is during lunch period when everyone leave for proper lunch. We cannot avoid them during lunch period as it is the  actual time we spend chit chatting with each other. 

            Manthena Satyanarayana Raju is a famous nutritionist and dietician who helps people in maintaining the health in a natural way. He also does it in his ashram where people can stay there itself under his personal guidance. Today we have decided to start his famous Honey Fasting combined by Fruit Juice Fasting for next 30 Days starting from 13-03-2023. Let us see what we will be going through all this days.

           So we have purchased organic honey and Lemon from Blinkit in Bangalore along with a proper water bottle. So our day will start tomorrow on 13-03-2023. One of our team members weight is 94 kgs currently. Lets track his progress on daily basis and his experience also.

Watch Manthena Satyanarayana's Honey Fasting Video for your reference.

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