Supreme court upheld section 139AA(1) of income tax act which mandates the linkage of Aadhar card to Pan card to resolve duplicate/fake pan cards issue.
It says section 139AA(1) is not violative of right to trade and profession as per fundamental rights provided under Article 19 (2).

However it gave a partial stay over section 139AA(2) which makes the pan cards of people who haven't enrolled abinito - that is non compliance will lead to invalidation of the pan card itself immediately stating that it is very harsh punishment and will affect daily routine of people.

Supreme​ court upheld (Justice A.K.Sikri and Ashok) sec.139AA(2) which makes it mandatory for people as on July 1, 2017 to enroll aadhar for their income tax returns.

Those who doesn't have aadhar do not need to enroll to pan card till the verdict over issue of violation of Article 21 - right to privacy is delivered.

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