Meet Spider-Man, again.

The new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming arrived Tuesday and it gives us a much closer look at this version of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. And that Iron Man guy you may have heard of.

Our latest look at the webbed hero prominently features Robert Downey, Jr.'s veteran superhero, guiding and scolding the young Peter Parker (Tom Holland) who may be eager, but clearly has a lot to learn. If you ever wanted to see Spidey and Iron Man save the Staten Island Ferry together, you are very much in luck.

The trailer also introduced us to Michael Keaton's Vulture/Adrian Toomes, who is wreaking havoc all over New York.

“Some people see themselves as victims — he sees himself a little bit like that,” Keaton told USA TODAY in our first look at his character. “He probably would have a strong argument that he never got a fair shot — a lot of ‘Why not me? Where’s mine?'"

One thing Toomes has that nobody else does: An excellently furry leather jacket.

Watch the new trailer above, and you can revisit the first below.

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