"Why the hell did you join here?" shouted Sarkar at Preethi. Octavia University with a early sunshine is looking beautiful with newly admitted juniors being ragged by their seniors. Shouting again and again, irritated Sarkar turned to move away ignoring her arrogance when he listened "Because my heart is still pounding for you".

" Well! That was a good performance " applauded ABHISHEK when preethi hugged Sarkar from behind getting close his heart and thoughts."Its enough!! We aren't making any marriages here, go to your class" shouted shalini.

Embarrassed Sarkar and preethi moved to their classes when Sarkar excused her for doing so. "Hey. Its not needed! By the way I am preethi from computer science" said preethi awaiting for his response who has caught her sight in the very first look with a well built body and charming looks."This is Sarkar Trikha from Mechanical" said Sarkar in a very reserved manner in order to keep an end to the conversation as early possible.

"The time has at last arrived! Our mission to break our secret is up !! " said Mohan to CIA agents. Mohan is an Indian who was the only guy among their friends to make into CIA of America. "This is preethi" the key of our mission said Mohan when shalini gave a wicked smile.

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