Fight off ageing with meditation
Modern science may be closer to finding the elusive Fountain of Youth with recent scientific research revealing that daily meditation may dramatically slow the ageing process. 

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., an eminent anti-ageing researcher and former president of the American Board of Anti-ageing Medicine, has recently discovered that periodical deep meditation dramatically affects production of three important age-affecting hormones: DHEA, melatonin, and cortisol.

And the following findings are astonishing:
  • Meditation can increase the production of DHEA by 44-90 per cent.
  • DHEA is the only hormone that reduces as we grow older. It is described as a powerful anti-ageing hormone and is a key determinant of our physiological age. It guards against disease, increases sexual libido, and increases the feeling of wellbeing and youthful vitality. 
  • Meditation can increase melatonin by 98-300 per cent.
  • Melatonin, besides being a sleep hormone, is a very powerful antioxidant, anti-ageing agent, immunoregulator and anti-depressant. It slows cell damage, improves energy and may even inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
  • Meditation can decrease cortisol by 47 per cent.
Cortisol on the other hand is a toxin that causes thinning in the skin. This hormone can cause chronic inflammation in the body and produce symptoms that come with advanced age.

Defy age through daily meditation

Meditation teacher Carolyn Gowen firmly believes meditation is the perfect youth serum. "It is the true anti-ageing medicine because it activates our body's own natural anti-ageing healing force," she says.

For maximum benefits, Carolyne says it's best to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes.

"However, as we live in a busy world, meditating once a day for 20 minutes will still bring many benefits. Here's how to easily work meditation into your daily routine:

In the office

"Sit quietly at your desk or in a meeting room in a comfortable position with good back support. Close your eyes. Gently start repeating to yourself the mantra OM or So-Hum (whichever one feels most comfortable). 

"When you notice your focus beginning to drift, gently go back to your mantra. Repeat this process for 10-20 minutes.


"Go outside where there is plenty of space to be able to walk for 20 minutes without encountering traffic. Place your attention on a spot in the distance (a tree or the horizon).

"Keep looking at this spot and walk gently towards it, focusing on your breath. Be aware of the rise and fall of the breath in your chest. Be aware of your thoughts. Let them come and go but don't judge them.

Before bed

"Listen to a beautiful guided meditation CD with relaxing music that will allow you to relax your body so that you can fall into a deep sleep. There are hundred's of CD's available from book and gift stores or online.

"While you are doing this, just say thank you and be grateful to the universe for all the wonderful things that have happened to you that day. By having gratitude, you wake up the next day feeling positive and energised."

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