The Government is pushing for higher usage of sugarcane by-product in petrol to introduce 10% ethanol mix .The move is aimed at reducing  the imported Bill. Due to unavailability of crude oil resources, India has to depend on Imports. In addition it has certain advantages for the environment as it leaves lesser emissions on being combustion.

Currently, petrol used in India has a 3% ethanol content. On being increased to 10%, the changes that includes are :
  •  Natural rubber that is used in internal-combustion engines will degrade overtime because of ethanol, impacting its performance
  • Ethanol has a lower energy content than petrol, leading to a lower level of burn for a blended fuel than standard petrol, leading to higher fuel consumption. To compensate for the lower burn, vehicles will need to be fitted with slightly larger fuel tanks, besides other modifications. 
  • Higher corrosive tendencies of ethanol on aluminium. As ethanol has high water content this will negatively impact the aluminium structure of the engine
 Maruti Suzuki and Honda Cars India have made their cars E10 – which stands for the 10% ethanol content – compliant, others, including Tata Motors, are yet to make the switchover, sources say.

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