The sultry actress Monika Bedi is all set for a come back with a new avatar in Saraswati Chandra - Sanjay Leela Bhansali's first television show. Monika Bedi who has been away from the field of actors has atlast decided to entertain her fans with Sanjayleela Bhansali's telivision show that started in Febrauary of 2013. 

Coming upto her latest added news that has been running through the minds of youth, she says "Yes, Iam looking for a love again".Monica was alleged to jail for involvement with

Abu Salem says that she got her passport to meet her family in Norway and she is not aware about the news of Abu Salem Marriage.

The actor who once said that Abu Salem's love for her was very pure changed her mind stating " It is his personal life , Iam no one to comment on that, I just wish that he should have a good life "

The actress is also hoping to find love again. "I am like the phoenix bird, which rises from the ashes. Now, I can fly wherever I want. At the end of the day, everyone wants someone who can be trusted and is caring. Yes, I am looking for love again."

Watch Monica|Abu Salem  Love Story:

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