Friendship is the most valuable thing in the 

world, If we put

aside our ego and forgive the faults.

This is not yet another love story this is 

'My Story'.

A film by Varun and Satish  By  

                               CDC Creations.


Surya Teja, Harish Reddy, Harshitha Reddy, Sai Krishna Karthik, Sundeep ch. Pavan, Akshay rao, Prasad.


It was an appreciable attempt by Varun and Satish sponsored by CDC Creations. The Script Writer has done his attempt to a good extent . Coming To Cinematography , though there were little negatives it was a good feel. The Cast work was very good though there were little dubbing problems and errors in voice modulations and lip sinking. Concept would override all these errors . Dialogues can be little improved.Harish Reddy was very good supporting actor in the whole story.            
" Naa peru Gutka Gopal..!"-punch dialogue was good but little forced comedy and he could do better if dialogues were good. Heroine Harshitha was good at expressions in a perfect manner. The climax was very good and many would love this.

What Is Good
  • Karthik , Surya and Harish
  • Script And Narration
  • Music Director.
  • Editing..

What Is Bad
  • Voice Modulations
  • Forced Comedy
  • Dubbing
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                                  " Harshitha could do still better - A Neutral Review For The Heroine."

Bottom Line: A Good Attempt To Explain Value Of Friendship. A Feel Good Music.

                                                                                                                          A CDC Creation 

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