Name: Anupam Pedarla 

Department: Mining Engineering 

Hall of Residence: Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence

Contesting for the post of :– General Secretary Technology


° Current General Secretary Technology for Lal Bahadur Shastry Hall of Residence. I havebeen successful in increasing the participation of Lal Bahadur Shastry hall in General Championship Technology and in debut I have been successful in showing impact on General championship Technology by securing respectable positions.

° Actively involved in ad design and product designteam. ° A Core Organizing team member of Great Step, an Annual fest of Department of Mining engineering IIT Kharagpur and  contributed to three major facets of the fest namely sponsorship, Publicity and Event Management. I have been successful in fetching major corporate sponsorship from Uranium Corporation of India Limited

° A member of Student Welfare group. I conducted a free Group Discussion and Personal Interview workshop to enhance the soft skills of final year and pre final year students and was also actively involved in Panel Discussion, Student Mentorship programme and Public Speaking forum.


1-I propose to introduce “Student Competitions Club” a new initiative by General Secretary Technology, Technology Students’ Gymkhana. IIT Kharagpur.

 Aim:- The student competition club would be aimed at helping and encouraging the students of IIT Kharagpur to participate in various competitions which fall under following four categories.

  1.  Coding.

  2.  Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.

  3.  Case Study.

  4.  B-Plan and Marketing.

  1. Thanks to this club, the students of IIT Kharagpur can avail guidance from the senior students who had already excelled in such competitions.

  2. For each category 8-10 student advisors will be selected based on their C.V’s.

  3. One professor incharge is appointed for each category to guide the student advisors and shortlist students based on their C.V’s.

Responsibilities and Duties of Student advisors:-

a)    The student advisors shall be responsible to bring about awareness of the various competitions which belong to the above mentioned categories.

b)    They shall conduct open sessions in the Vikramshilla, and all the students who are interested can attend those open house sessions.

c)     They shall also be responsible for training and guiding the Inter IIT Tech Team. This ensures improvement and better performance in Inter IIT Tech Meet.

d)   An online portal will be made and the student advisors are requested to update the portal with the various competitions that are related to their respective category.

e)    In the same online portal, the Student advisors shall upload the necessary study material, sample problem statements, reports, presentations etc.

f)      In the online portal, students can discuss about the various competitions.


a)    Students of IIT Kharagpur will be exposed to various out station competitions.

b)    Provides a benchmark to compare students with their peers on the national level and international level, delivering students an opportunity to develop.

c)     Helps IIT Kharagpur develop its position in Inter IIT Tech Meet.

d)   The proposed online portal makes it easy for the students to search for their team mates.

e)    The open sessions helps similar mindset people to come together.

f)      Helps the first year and second year students to establish relationships with seniors who can guide them.

Increases the reputation of IIT Kharagpur by participating and winning in famous competitions.

2-I propose to add Finance Club to help the students who are wishing to enhance their knowledge in Finance and planning for Finance as their alternate career.


The aim of this proposal is to create a common platform to all the students of IIT Kharagpur which provides guidance, support and mentorship in finance throughout the academic year in the field of finance. (Which many of the students are planning as their alternate careers) Proposed Structure:-

a)    Proposed finance club consists of 5-8 tutors from Vinod Gupta School of management and 10-12 tutors from other Departments/Schools/Centers.

b)    These tutors shall be jointly responsible to conduct the open house knowledge sharing sessions.

c)     They shall release the curriculum which they are going to follow to that particular semester at the beginning of that respective semester.

d)   These tutors shall also release assignments which helps the students to assess themselves.

e)    The assignments shall be discussed in the gatherings to clear the doubts of all students.

f)      All the proposed open sessions would happen in VGSOM class rooms itself.

g)    Proposed finance club consists of a separate management team and they shall take care after the all the managerial works.

h)   This management team shall be responsible to conduct Guest lectures/Workshops for this finance club in between the academic sessions.

i)      The students who have comparatively more knowledge in finance, they can be benefited by the open case discussions which will be conducted one per every month.

j)      The proposed finance club consists of an online portal any student can register and access the study material in it.

k)    The management team shall also be responsible to conduct intra Kharagpur competitions.

l)      The proposed competitions are open to everyone, any interested student in the I.I.T Kharagpur can participate in this competitions.

m) The proposed competitions to encourage the students interested in finance are

  1.  Equity Research report.

  2.  Finance Quiz.

  3.  Basic Finance modelling.

  4.  Practical case discussions
 Equity research Report:-

The challenge is a competition in which student teams write an equity report on an assigned company and short listed teams will present their findings to panel of judges.

Finance Quiz:-

Finance quiz is also a team competition, and this is also a two steps competition. Based on the written test performance, the top 8 teams will be shortlisted and will have infinite bounce quiz.

Basic Finance modelling:-

The aim of basic finance modelling is to introduce everyone to methods that helps students to use Excel effectively for finance.

Practical Case discussion:- All the students of IIT Kharagpur (Doesn’t matter whether they are attending open sessions or not), shall select a case from Coursolve, and should submit the reports by specified deadline. After that all are requested to present their case in front of their peers.


a)    As finance is the most chosen alternate career, we will be able to provide them a common platform to guide/support/mentor them. 

b)    All the students who are interested in finance will gather together, which in turn helps them to form their own study groups. 

c)     Also increases the interaction between the Undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

d)   Gives an opportunity for VGSOM students to act as tutors and gain proficiency in finance. 

Also helps the students who are planning to give finance exams like CFA.

3- I propose to conduct Awareness sessions in each and every hall of residence from where there is considerably lesser participation in Technology General Championship.


The aim of this proposal is to increase the awareness among the Post Graduate and first year students about General Championship, Technology.


a)    One of the General Secretary, along with Post Graduate representative and other secretaries visits each hall either in the weekends or during the working days. (Evening time). 

b)    Information will be passed to all the students residing in a particular hall before conducting awareness session in that particular hall. 

c)     In the awareness session, the General Secretary, Secretary and Post Graduate representative will explain the importance of the General Championship, Technology and benefits. 

d)   In that awareness session, a handout will be given to the boarders which consists of details of the events in General Championship. 

e)    Presentations and Reports of previous year’s winners will be shown to the boarders to give them clear picture of the event. 

f)      List of interested people shall be collected in various events and they shall be attached to the respective student advisors.(Which was mentioned in the proposal no:-2). 

g)    After completing awareness sessions individually in various halls, special grooming sessions shall be conducted for the General Secretaries, Technology from those halls to explain them how Technology sub-committee and Technology committee duties and rules. 

h)   Based up on the participation from these halls, a letter of appreciation will be given to the General Secretaries from these halls. 


a)    Increases awareness about the General Championship Technology in various Halls of Residence. 

b)    These awareness sessions would help them know the rules for different events in Technology General Championship. 

To read the proposed sample tech handout you may visit http://tiny.cc/iitkgp_tech_handouts

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