Most of us have wished we had a decent microscope at one time or another. Whether it’s to look at some kind of an insect sample, or to just look a water sample, a portable microscope would make that a whole lot easier. Trouble is, most of us don’t even have a microscope, and if we do, it probably isn’t very portable. But what if there was a way to take one with you in your pocket everywhere you went? What if taking out your scope was as easy as pulling out your phone?
Well, it very well could be if a recent Kickstarter project has anything to say about it. Thomas Larson has helped to figure out a way to turn basically any smartphone camera into a high-powered microscope. And it’s as simple as sticking a lens over your camera. That’s it – that’s the hardest part. The Micro Phone Lens 150x takes care of everything else.

Get A Closer Look At The World Around You
This “simple” stick-on lens would allow you to look at the world around you at a close-up view of 150x. And while most of us can remember all of the blurry images we constantly had to focus during biology class, this microscope is apparently very easy to focus – all you have to do is press the slide to the lens and it automatically focuses. It doesn’t get much easier than that!
Larson believes his creation can help get microscopes in the hands of students and schools everywhere. After all, since more and more kids have smartphones, why shouldn’t more and more kids have microscopes as well?
His Kickstarter has already exceeded its original goal of $50,000. Here’s a bonus – if you pledge just $29 you can still get your own lens.

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