Meet the 5 kinds of single women
Here's taking a look at the different types of single women

The only human on planet earth envied by a newlywed is a single women and vice versa. But well, there are women who we think are just happy being without a man. Not because they swing left, right and centre (ahem... you know what we mean right?) but because they are happy with their status and do not want the burden of marriage on them.

But then, there is also a list of single women who brood over not getting a man and there only theme words are 'Why me?' So we decided, we'd crack our brains and delve into this mystery women who are single and (may/may not be) happy. Here is our category of single women we feel exist world-wide:

1. The princess who lost sense of time: Here comes the lady aka princess who still believes in the concept of prince charming (who will ride a white horse and blah blah). But well, where is he?

2. The 'Oops, I just can't get over him': She hates all men, but somewhere deep down, that's because she loves her ex. Her ex is that someone who parties hard and is making out with every Liz, Stella and Rhea. But well, who lets her know this?

3. Where's the 'One': Okay! Now not that she doesn't find men. She has men drooling all around her. But for what? Just for her to reject them every time they make a move. And the reason being, she's waiting for "The One" soulmate she thinks is just compatible to her, reads her favourite novels and also sings her a lullaby.

4. Marriage, not my cup of tea nor coffee: She just knows that weddings are for losers, and she's on earth for some other reason.Waiting for divine intervention, which sure will take it's time to appear.

5. The will-be mom: She has always loved kids and will be a mother someday. But she just doesn't want to go through the pain of being a mother. 'Nine months is just too much' she thinks.

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