The Facebook presented on Thursday (17) a new service that sends notification on the mobile every time that a friend is nearby.
 Called “Nearby Friends”, the tool will work in the main application of social network, both for Android and for iOS.
 The news comes at a time when Facebook starts to withdraw your application to exchange messages between users. To continue chatting by the social network, people will need to download the Messenger app.
 The service is optional and must be triggered by the user who wants to receive notifications.Network members can also choose which of your Facebook contacts may be advised.
 Ie, so that two people are told they are close to each other we need to choose to use the “Nearby Friends” and not in the restricted list of information from one another.
 If you choose to use the tool, you can still share the location with a friend and need to select contacts to be advised of the location they will at a specific time.
 According to Facebook, with the “Nearby Friends”, you can know when a friend is traveling and see the surroundings of where he is.
 The tool will begin to be available in the coming weeks for North American users.

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