Dear Rhonda,
“If you are grateful I will give you more; but if you are ungrateful verily my punishment is indeed severe”. The lines which I have quoted here have been lifted from your recent work “The Magic”. Words fail to express the beauty with which the simplest of words have been magnified into really important lessons of life. You have woven ‘magic’ by subtlety penning down the excellent transition from childhood to adulthood and replacing the mystery to every loophole by a ‘magic’.

The first chapter begins with how the little, everyday instances have a magical story behind them. From Santa Claus coming and mysteriously dropping gifts for children on Christmas to losing your first tooth and believing that Toothy Fairy has taken it, everything has a story behind. “Whoever has more of it, will keep on adding more to it and whomsoever has less, and would also lose whatever he has currently”. It is all a tryst with “gratitude”. A person who has an abundance of gratitude will add to his blessings and the one doesn’t will also tend to lose whatever he holds. A mystical warning given by you here prods me to analyze my actions daily, to see if I have expressed my gratitude to somebody or not!
You have taught me to value and practice gratitude in the form of a course spanning 28 days. We have step by step guide for mastering analytical skills, personality development skills and other life skills. Rarely have I come across as a guide which teaches me lessons in counting my blessings, my way out of negativity, managing my relationships and so many other valuable skills. Aren’t they more worth than those materialistic skills?
The chapter on ‘Counting your blessings’ talks about being grateful to the things you have; even if you do not heartily appreciate it. Be it your job, your life, the money you have. If you are not grateful, you are just preparing a trap of negativity for yourself to fall in. My favourite lesson is the lesson of health. The utterly frequented matter of being taken for granted is that of health. Seldom has it happened that we thank the Almighty for our legs and feet.
The language used by you Rhonda. is impeccable. Simple yet such a profound and indelible impact they leave. Generally the use of heavy words and syntaxes in inspirational and motivational books is the reason why I avoid reading them on a day-to-day basis. You have introduced a fresh style of expressing. It never occurred to me as if I was reading a book. It was as if you were sitting across and talking.
Another striking feature I came across was the artistic blend of science with life skills. Science has always been construed as something which is mechanical, dull and boring. Laws invented by Einstein and Newton have been perfectly correlated with human emotions and actions. “You control the amount you receive; by the amount of gratitude you give” is the quote used by you which exactly establishes the correlation.
It is rightly said that you should change the mirror in front of you if you want to see a changed you. Erasing negativity out of your thoughts was something I have again derived from you after reading this chapter. Negativity always pulls a person down. Feelings of negativity taint every other hue from a person’s life; they are that strong. Changing the outlook of how you perceive the outside world is a treat to learn from you through the book. Towards the end of the book, specific issues like relationships and health have been dealt with some really interesting exercises, that people on the road to self transformation will love to practice.
Taking a cue from your book, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for penning a piece which is a solution to so many of our challenges which we encounter in our everyday lives. Surely, this is a must read for those who find solace in spirituality.

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