Congress leader Ahmed Patel on Tuesday asserted that the party along with its allies will get an absolute majority on May 16 when counting for the Lok Sabha elections takes place.

"As we near the home stretch, we are confident of scoring a clear win and inflicting the third straight defeat on BJP," Ahmed Patel, who is political secretary to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, said.

"The feedback that we have been getting from our units across the country has been very encouraging and shows that people have again seen through the BJP's deception game," he added.

Ahmed Patel, on Monday, responding to a specific question from TOI on whether the Congress could support other 'secular' players to prevent BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi from coming to power, said that the Congress party would not flinch from making any sacrifice to keep 'communal' forces at bay.

On Tuesday, Patel stressed that the remark 'in response to a hypothetical question' was meant to underline the Congress's well-known resolve to spare no effort to defeat the threat of 'communal forces'.

"What I said was in response to a hypothetical question. As far as facts are concerned, we are confident of comfortably getting past the half-way mark along with our existing allies," Patel said.

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