It was the day when she lost hope on him, They never thought their dad would leave them , Smiles of Friendship ended in a moment, She wanted to step every moment with her husband who is no more , Drug addicted son made a suicide for  family. All these situations are correlated with a single state near or after a person who got interrelated with their mind of heart.  It is the "State Of Silence" which sometimes has longer life span or endup with hugesetbacks in life or leading you to new gates.

It is not a state when you lose hope on some thing - may be a relation , your failure , loss of life . It is not the state when you think nothing good can ever happen. It is not when god left you alone. It is not the state when you feel guilty of your mistake. But there exists a silence without emotions , feelings and a smile of faith. 

“We sit silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. It seems only the old are able to sit next to one another and not say anything and still feel content. The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.” 

Before explaining how silence is used and understood in our daily life, it is important to understand what silence really means, and how it is an extended form of communication, especially in comparison to speech. Despite silence being the most ambiguous type of communication, it is still, nonetheless, communication. Adam Jaworski, in his book, "The Power of Silence", tries to answer the question, "Is silence just the absence of noise, or is there something deeper than defines silence- something we'd do well to understand, contemplate and invite into our lives?" 

It is the one the wife experiences after the death of her loved one, it is the one a lover feels when he fail, It is the one when parents cry about after suicide of drug addicted son for their family. It becomes a paradox when you feel it to be a rubix cube.
When you exist in the state of silence for a long time the way of world starts closing, new life sprouts only when hope fills inn your heart. It never happens to close everything and make us cry and there always exist happiness which understand the reason behind our anger,pain behind our smile. 
                                                  "Wait For It! It Is On The Way Now."

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