What Is Good
  • Climax
  • Emotional Second Half
  • Youthful sequences.
What Is Bad
  • First Half
  • Less Entertainment Values
  • Lead Characters.
Preminchali - Story
The movie starts off with a song followed by the usual college scenes happening between a groups of friends. As usual Karthik (Santhosh Yadav) falls in love with Swetha (Manisha Yadav) are Engneering students. They both love each other & cross their limits as well. That makes Swetha pregnant. There ends the first half. Rest of the story is all about how the teenage lovers treat this issue - family member's perception towards this pregnancy - whether Karthik and Swetha 's love end up in marriage. Answer for all these questions comes in the form of heart breaking climax.
Preminchali - Star Performance
Coming to Performances, The protogonist of the film Manisha Yadav and Santosh Yadav are just okay in their roles and failed to elevate the much needed scenes with their performances. Their chemistry in the film is fine. Arjun does a very good job. Veteran actors Poornima Bhagyaraj, Tulsi and Jayaprakash acted in crucial roles played to their potential.
Preminchali - Techinical Team
The title of the film says it all, the basic storyline of the film targeted at youth. The story supposed to be inspired from real life incident. Screenplay of the film is fine. But the climax is major highlight of the film. But it sure does leave a feeling as you walk out, due to a few well written and executed sequences. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is adequate. A couple of melodies helped in establishing the mood. The climax song is major highlight and elevates climax to the core. Dialogues are should have been better. Editing by Anthony could have been better in the first half. Cinematography by Soorya.A.R is good. The production values of this film are decent. Dubbing of the film are okay.
Preminchali - Analysis
The film sadly isn't for everyone. It lacks entertainment value and it certainly isn't a film that you would want to watch with your family. The pace is slow in the first half, so slow at times that quite a few were seen walking out of theaters in the first half itself. Part of the blame should go to the slow sequences and a couple of unnecessary scenes. But the highlight climax makes you forgive the slow first half. On the whole the movie is short and runs less than 2 hours and it doesn't bore you. Overall, Preminchali is a well-directed film and has plenty of trademark Youthful moments that make it a good one time watch. With a bit of patience, you'll walk out with a feel and smile. Give it a try.
Preminchali - Cast & Crew

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