A billion souls are in need of a superhero and it takes just Rs.s.10/- to be one, says a public service advertisement for Right to Information. 

In the three-minute film, scenes from everyday life remind us just how many Indians go without food, water, electricity, education and medical care. Where are the superheroes who will help protect our money from corrupt governments, who will help us lead lives of dignity?

They are right here, in the video. Double amputee Sameer Zaveri got the railways to provide free medical aid to accident victims. Simpreet Singh exposed the Adarsh Housing scam. Ruben Mascarenhas made his neighbourhood pothole and garbage free. Sandeep Ohri helped make electricity charges transparent. Santosh Thorat got 1600 families ration cards. Vidya Vaidya held municipal schools accountable for teaching standards and amenities. Shailesh Gandhi exposed revenue losses due to expired land leases. 

Their secret superhero weapon - a Right to Information application, the price of which is Rs.S10/-.

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