Most PCs hang because of shortcut virus problem in Removable disk like pendrive. Here there is the solution to clear the shortcut virus. simply follow these steps

GOTO Run-> type cmd and hit enter. Type the following command. attrib –h –r –s /s /d f:\*. * and hit enter.
[Note: f indicates the Removable disk path name] Wait for a a minute while you windows path is being located. Then again open your Removable disk.your shortcut virus folders are retrieved to
the original folder. Select the shortcut folders and delete.your problem get solved now. This removes the virus from the pen drive and other external devices. But how about the hard drive
(i.e: the laptop/computer that virus spread to)?? What tool do you use to clean it, coz every single time you will plug that pen drive back it will get re-infected....

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