If you are a married woman or keep their company, you'll know that husband-bashing often has a foundation in truth and that the countless complaints wives make about their errant men are sometimes legit. Don't agree? Watch the video and we bet by the end it will have you nodding.

"Hmm", "yes", "yeah", "nice" - hear a man say these words to his missus and you can be sure he is the kind for whom gift companies make 'world's best husband' mugs and goodies. At least, that's what it feels like when the young woman in the video 'Husbands are useless' begins conversing with her better half, who we can only hear off-screen. 

She's all excited about redoing their home and proposes several options. No matter what she says, the response from the other end remains non-committal. It leaves you wondering if she is even talking to her husband, really. Is she? You'll be amazed to know.

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